Natural Dry Cough Medication Can Be More Effective

In general, there are two types of cough medicine that are often used, namely dry cough medicine and phlegm cough medicine. In fact, of the two types of cough medicine, only phlegm cough medicine is sold freely. So, is there any natural ingredient that is effective as a dry cough medicine. Dry cough itself is a cough that does not produce mucus or phlegm. There are a number of things that can cause a person to experience a dry cough, ranging from allergies, flu, smoking, pollution, exposure to dust, to certain medical disorders, such as increased stomach acid, asthma, and sinusitis. But in some cases, the cause of dry cough in some people is still not known with certainty. Various Natural Dry Cough Medicines Here are natural ingredients that can be done as a dry cough medicine, including: Water Water can be one of the simplest dry cough treatments. Water is needed by the body when the air is dry to keep the throat moist. Therefore, start fulfilling your fluid intake by cons
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